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The Autsema-family

This site is intended to give an overview of the ancestors of the AUTSEMA-family. At least two centuries this family lived in the provence of Groningen (in the North-East part of The Netherlands). The lastname AUTSEMA is connected with the family-name AUSEMA. Around 1800 Napoleon conquered a large part of Europe (also the Netherlands) and he made a law that stated that every inhabitant should have a lastname. Around this time a member of our family lived on the Ausmaheerd - which was a farm northeast of Uithuizen; a little village in Groningen - and he chose the name of this farm to be his lastname (AUSEMA). Other members of this family followed this example, but at least one son used the name AUTSEMA.

Our ancestors occupations during two centuries were mainly farming and household. During the last century there were many teachers and nurses in this family.

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