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  • (March 2020) Transfered the site to another hosting provider with better service and more options to modernize the site.
  • (March 2015) Removed all family-members born in the 20th century and later because of privacy issues.
  • (August 2003) The last changes on this site are pure cosmetics to make the text easier to read. Hope you will find it useful.
  • For some time I was not able to do any further research on our family. At the beginning of this year I received a letter from a commercial organisation that claimed to know that they knew very much about the AUTSEMA-family, and would provide this information if I paid enough for it. They even claimed we had a family-wapon. Since there is no easy way to collect data about a family in the Netherlands other than to dig in archives, I figured that they could not possibly have done this because they claimed they knew many things about a large number of families. To collect so many data I thought this would only be possible if they used the Internet so I decided to do some research on the Net my self.

    In the first place I was disappointed that there was so little information about our family available on the net. In a few official sources our name showed up a number of times, but the information I was looking for (family around the 17th century) was not available. A large part of the province of Groningen (that is where our ancesters lived for so many years) does not provide any online information about ancestors. I was struck by the notice that, allthough they lived there so many years hardly anything was available about this family in genealogical literature, sources in libraries, on the Internet, etc.. The commercial bureau that claimed to know so much about our family was unrealiable, but the positive effect was that they stimulated me again to spend time in further research in the history of our family. So I would like to thank them.

    The information gathered on this site is double-checked by the use of different sources. In cases where this was not possible I have made a note about this. This also means that there is more information available than published on this site. This is only meant for relatives of this family.

    Recent changes on this site

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